This winter, you should learn how to make a scarf!


When I first moved to Nashville from California, I came prepared for winter with only a sweater and converse shoes.

Little did I know I was actually moving to the arctic! Since all my roommates could drive home (I had missed the memo that most people leave college the second they turn in their last final) I was stuck at Belmont University with no car, no friends and lots of ice. I know, people always say Nashville  winters aren't that bad right? Well, these people are from the North and their bodies retain more warmth than the standard Californian. I basically froze. 

If you're like me, and are caught at a time where you need something warm (and are stuck inside because of Nashville ice), you should try making a scarf! They are cozy, can be great presents, and most of all are super easy to make. You will look back on the days you used to buy expensive scarves with remorse! 

My finished circle scarf

My finished circle scarf


- 1 yard of a soft cotton fabric ( I used the Interlock Knit fabric from Organic Cotton Plus ). Guys , I love this shop! They are almost 100% made in Texas, organic cotton fabrics AND they send samples for $1  (I have buying commitment issues so this was good for me).

- A sewing machine

-Thread that matches your fabric

-Fabric scissors

>>SIDE NOTE<< : If you don't have a sewing machine, you should invest in one. They are so much easier to use than they seem and you can save tons of money by making things that normally cost a lot. Here's  mine I got on Amazon after doing a lot of research(It was about $140 ).

sewing machine


1. Sew a long tube like sew (get it?) out of your fabric: I also got these tubes of fabric pre-made from Organic Cotton Plus. If you don't order from there, you will need to sew BOTH sides of your fabric to make a long tube shape. 

2. Sew the two ends of your tube together INSIDE OUT: There will be a small bit that you can't finish sewing inside out, so in this case, fold both edges of the fabric in and stitch verrrrry close to the edge. This will be important  so you can you make it look pretty!

And you are done!! Not too hard was it? And now you have presents for all your friends! And if your friends are boys,  now they will be cool, European looking boys!


If you try making this scarf, I would love to know what you think!

- Haley