Living with Roommates 101

cozy cup

When I started college, I was paired up to live with two girls from Atlanta (who had Facebook messaged me with the entire floor plan for our room before I could even respond). It became clear pretty quickly that we would be best friends and living in a tiny room together Freshman year bonded us for life! However we also had very different living styles - I was kind of sensitive to lots of light and sounds when trying to go to sleep, while Kels could probably sleep though the apocalypse and Lrn made it her goal to finish Lost in the deep of the night Freshman year. That being said, we all knew we had to compromise when it came to living styles!


Here’s some tips how to be the laid back awesome roomie you’ve always wanted to be and maintain some sanity while not having a space to yourself.

1.     Journal - This may seem overrated, but journaling is a great way to A. have a place to organize your mind when things are crazy in your room and B. remember how you felt in different past situations. Later in college I could look back and be thankful for how God worked out different things even when I thought I was at a roadblock.



2.     Surround yourself with the cozzz - I personally would love if there were just puppies galore in my space so when I needed to cope I could just snuggle with them… but alas, we can’t all walk in the light! So what’s the next best thing when I feel overwhelmed? I surround myself with really cozy things that remind me of home, like puffy pillows, quilts made by my mama, candles (or fake ones if you’re in a dorm)- anything that reminds me of peace and comfort.


3.     Build a bunk bed fort - Did I get made fun of? Yes. But it was totally worth it! Pro-tip: if you have the bottom bunk, tuck your blanket in around the top bunk so if you are distracted/need to do homework, you can make yourself a little space while not disturbing anyone else (also good if your dorm has florescent lighting)!



4.     Get out! – There’s nothing like other friends to make you re-appreciate who you live with.

My life roomie!

My life roomie!


5.     Be the “party” room - Freshman year we had a cool rug and a little baby TV. That was all it took to make our room the ultimate girl hangout. It bonded my roommates and I even more knowing our teamwork was making us draw friends into our space!


At the end of the day, know there will be times you love each other dearly and times when you wish you had your own room. The biggest thing to remember is that we all have annoying little habits, moods and flaws. So just put on your “internal locus of control hat” and be patient and kind with your roomies. My past roomies  are now some of my best friends ever, and if that’s the case for you, all the little compromises will be worth it!