Decorating Your Little Space for Christmas

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When you are in college or have a little apartment, sometimes it’s easy to assume that decorating for Christmas will be expensive and that there's just no way around that! However, I’ve also found the times you are poorest, most crunched for time, and/or operating in a smaller space, you also can be your most creative self! My first year of Christmas decorating my little apartment we couldn’t afford a tree, so we ended up hammering free branches from the Christmas tree farm to our wall in a tree shape and putting ornaments on it… While our friends gave us tons of creativity points, it just didn’t really give us the “vibe” we wanted. After a few years in a tiny space, I now have better ways to make a Christmas-y home without breaking the bank!

1) Tree branches

The extras at the Christmas tree farm are the best!   If there’s a tree farm/ area set up near you, they almost always have a big ole pile of greens that they want to give away. All of the tree lots I've been to in Nashville have been fine with me taking a bunch of these (even better if you have gloves  and clippers because of all the sap and ugly bits that you'll want to cut off). 

2) The Windowpane Wreath

 I 'm telling you- Trader Joes has an awesome flower and greenery arrangement and it doesn’t stop in the winter! Most of their garlands/wreaths are between $5-8 dollars. I got this windowpane at the Nashville flea market (you can usually get people to a price point  somewhere between $7 and $10). Then I just hammered the wreath on. Very easy and the windowpanes have so many uses year round. 

3) Candles!

 They are a tiny add, but make a huge difference. A fun fact I learned recently, if you buy soy or paraffin based candles, they can put toxins into the air. However, beeswax candles can actually boost your health and REMOVE toxins from the air.  I always thought it would be cool to be a bee farmer one day (like the girl in Pushing Daisies if you remember that show)- I think for now, John and I are going to start making beeswax candles though! 

4) Twinkle lights

Classic, simple, and add a ton of charm to any space. 

5) Fancy lettering

Maybe the easiest way to spice up you space! Decorate any chalkboards with seasonal phrases to add Christmas cheer, and the best part is you can just write something new and keep the decoration once the new year rolls around!


We hope these tips help you make your home cozy and festive this holiday season. Leave a comment with any other creative ideas you've used in your own homes!