DIY Bedroom

There is something to be said about making the most of what you have! Our apartment complex is in a nice part of town, has a really friendly population (our neighbor above us is an adorable 102 year old woman!), and has a crepe place across the street- it's definitely perfect for this time in our life. However, it can be hard watching HGTV, getting a job at an interior design firm, and having friends renovating houses to still be living in a very old apartment complex with dated appliances, constantly breaking faucets and nail holes in the walls. Realizing the potential in the space makes me want to rip out all the cabinets and carpet and knock down some walls! 

However, something I've been learning is that you don't HAVE to be in your dream home to absolutely love where you are (both physically and in your stage of life) and to entertain proudly. It's all about your attitude!

After living in our apartment for a couple years now and never really having it feel like home, we decided that if we did have to be here a little longer, we were going to make our apartment the coziest, best little apartment it could be. I wanted to share with you our bedroom makeover first! 


While John made the headboard (it was so simple!), we bought the feather paintings from Target, the pillows from Homegoods, and the lamp from a garage sale. The bedside table is from John's house (I always love using family pieces!).

I made this weaving after looking at all the beautiful Etsy wall hangings and feeling inspired to make one myself! I got giant knitting needles and chunky white yarn, knitting 8 rows before slipping it on the dowel (I am not that patient with the crafts, so I got the biggest yarn and needles I could find!). Then I just tied the extra yarn to the bottom and cut each side at an angle . I really like this guide by Handmade Charlotte that gives some other great DIY ideas! 

I love Rewined Candles! Each one is scented like a different type of wine! 


Now for the desk!



This desk was my mom's and her sisters' when they were little! It needed a little sprucing up so I painted it Dolphin Blue by Behr (S470-4). It definitely gives a pop! I also added on the knob at the top from Hobby Lobby. This chair is one we refinished in this blog post earlier. 

I painted this water color on a standard canvas with water color. I put a lot of excess water on it to give it that blurry look, let it dry and attempted my calligraphy on it (we can all improve on something right...). Overall, I liked the result! 

To finish the desk area, I found that neat arrow art at HomeGoods, added some fake flowers, and pictures of me and John.

Taking the time to do all this makes our room feel so much more peaceful! I love it! Let me know if you you have any questions about these pieces.  I hope if you are living somewhere less than perfect, you are able to see the beauty in it and fill it up with things that make you happy!