8 Christmas Gifts for the Woodworker

Can you really ever have enough tools? Every time I get a new tool to use on my projects, it seems to be only a matter of days before I discover something else to add to my wishlist! Yes, I should probably show some self-control and stick to my budget, but there’s no rule against someone else buying it for me, right?!

In light of all the Christmas shopping going on today, here are eight gift ideas to get for your woodworking friends or family members this Christmas! These are all items that I have picked out because they won’t break the bank and vary from your basic stocking stuffer to tools you’ll want to use on every single project. Plus, I have used all of these and would consider myself a fan!

1. Carpenter’s Square - $5+


This is the perfect stocking stuffer for a woodworker. You can get a plastic one for as little as $4 or even one like this, which makes adjusting to mark different angles a piece of cake.  

2. Clamps - $10+


Just like you can never have enough tools, you can really never have enough clamps! This may seem like a boring gift, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself saying I wish I just had one or two more clamps for bigger projects. 

3. Bit Set - $35+


If you’re using a drill, you’re going to want some options. This 90 piece set from Ryobi will cover all your bases without ever seeming too excessive… AND it fits in perfectly with my next selection... 

4. Drill - $55+


I love Ryobi products! I’m sure there are some haters out there, but for the price you pay, they do a killer job! This drill is a step above what you’ll find somewhere like Target or Walmart and is perfect for woodworking and handyman projects around the house.  

5. Orbital Sander - $60+


Once you start getting into bigger projects like tables, a plain old sanding block just isn’t going to cut it. No one likes sanding, but this tool will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

6. Kreg Jig - $95+


Once you start getting into woodworking, you’ll hear about all these different techniques for joining wood together, such as mortise and tenon joints. The weirdo in me thinks it’s awesome, but I also have had to recognize my limits in terms of my experience and access to proper tools. The Kreg Jig is an awesome alternative to these more technical methods and is a great starting point as you venture into the world of joinery. Be sure to check out some of the excellent video tutorials out there for this tool!  

7. Router - $100+


Now we’re really getting to the good stuff, right?! A router isn’t exactly a tool that you will end up using for every project, but it’s a lot of fun and surprisingly easy to use, so you’ll find yourself making excuses to use it as much as possible! This one from Ridgid is a perfect starter tool (and Home Depot happens to have a great deal going on right now)!  

8. Circular Saw - $125+


If you want to invest a little bit more into a gift this year, a circular saw is one of the most versatile tools in a woodworker’s arsenal. It’s a great first step for someone who isn’t quite ready to take the plunge in buying a miter saw or table saw and will come in handy time after time! 

And that’s all I’ve got for now! I hope that this guide helps you cross off at least one item on your Christmas shopping list.

Thanks so much for reading and leave your thoughts in the comments!