Make Someone's Day

There is something about the holidays that reminds me more than ever the value of noticing, and taking the initiative to show kindness to the people around us. It's easy to think that your day to day actions will just go unnoticed, but the truth is, when you take the time to look up from what you're doing, these little moments can make someone's day!

Earlier this year, I was getting off 440 in Nashville during the lunch time rush when my ‘89 Toyota Camry (we call it Griswald- if you saw it you would know the name just fits) decided to slowly die as I sat in line on the off ramp. When the other cars started moving and mine just sat like a lump, I panicked, calling 911 while all the other cars slammed on their horns at me. I was freaking out inside, trying to get my car to turn back on and having a heatstroke of anxiety! All of a sudden this man with a ponytail and giant beard came running up to my car, gave me steering directions and pushed me off the road. It was completely unexpected and I was so shocked I forgot to thank him profusely for SAVING ME! I will never forget this and his kindness!

I always like to think about how I could help people in little ways, but sometimes the practicality of what I'm able to do for someone gets in the way. There are a million good causes and other things I could give money to, but being in the stage of life John and I are in, it can feel like there’s only so much we can give!

So for those of you who have felt the same way, I wanted to share some easy things you can do to make a difference in someone’s day this holiday season, without a lot of planning or money. There's something out there for everyone to share the joy!

1. overtip someone

Some inspiration- watch this if you want a warm heart!

2. Help an elderly person carry their groceries.

I always feel so awkward asking people things like this because I picture them being like “ you think I’m incompetent?!,” but trust me - most older people appreciate it! We have an older neighbor who lives upstairs in our apartment complex that John recently helped (after two years of living there, we had never talked to her) and it ended up being a start to a friendship! 

3. Drop a nice note on your co-worker’s desk

I know it seems tiny, but kind words always make days! One of my co-workers recently did this for me and it happened to be a day I felt particularly gloomy. It completely brightened my day!

4. Hold a “blessing bag” party

One of my friends had this idea where everyone came with something for someone who is homeless. They mixed everything up and made bags to keep in their cars for whenever they met someone who is homeless!

5. Send someone you love a text when they are at work telling them why you love them!

Cheesy I know. But these little kind words have a way of sticking in your brain all day!

6. Sponsor a Morning Star Child for $35 a month

And follow @meredithtoering on Instagram (she's Morning Star Foundation's director) for constant encouragement of how to love people well. 

Morning Star Foundation helps little kids with severe heart disease in China, India and Uganda. You can immediately tell how much love they have for each little kid they help!

I know none of these are ground-breaking ideas, but sometimes we just need little reminders to look up during our days and connect with other people! I hope this served as a little reminder for you, and please share anything you’ve done to brighten someone’s day!

Looking for ways to get involved in volunteering? Look no further and sign up to join Volunteer Match

There is something for everyone on here from helping at Marathons for a good cause, to playing with doggies needing a home. They send me periodic emails telling me things I might like to help with and let me tell you, you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy!