New Nashville Apartment Makeover

Have you ever driven past any of the new apartments popping up in Nashville and wondered if the insides would really be as cool as you imagined them (like maybe the Suite Life of Zack and Cody?!)? Well we had the opportunity to work with our friend, Lindsey Rosen, and let me tell you, they are!

Lindsey just moved into the Aspire Apartments in Nashville with her fluffy snowball (or dog) Belle. As a 20 something year old, this is her first chance to get to go through the full process of choosing a new home and designing it carefully. These apartments have a pool, game area, fire pits, café, and DOG SPA! Seriously the dream! It was really important to her to blend a cozy rustic style with the modern look of the airy apartment.

Lindsey is maybe the sweetest human I have ever met and was a dream to work with- she’s also Emily Rosen’s niece (remember the post on her?), so you may notice some similar design elements in her apartment.

She asked John and I do make her a small vanity table that she could use to get ready each morning, as well as an over-sized re-claimed barn wood shelf above her couch. We absolutely love when we get first time orders like this that we all get to work together to make a new design.

Here’s how they look in her apartment:

Goodwood Nashville has AMAZING reclaimed barn wood!

Goodwood Nashville has AMAZING reclaimed barn wood!

You can buy the desk now on our site as well!

I love the way that she used a lot of whites and lighter colors to make her apartment feel bigger. She also incorporated a lot of great ideas for sentimental items like this:

The real homeowner!

The real homeowner!

Sometimes, if you don’t want a really modern look to your space it can be tricky to figure out a good decorating style that works. I think Lindsey nailed it though with this cozy clean look and we couldn’t be more excited for her!

I hope if you live in new apartment that this was helpful to you! Send us pictures if you’ve decorated a new space you would like us to share!