Making a PowerPoint "Design Board"

Do you ever feel like dreaming up a new space can be almost more exciting than actually making over a room? John and I have recently been looking for a home to rent (our little apartment not only has no light and tons of half broken appliances, but now a South and Sea logo branded in the middle of our so-old-there-is-no-record-of-when-it-was-last-changed brown carpet (this was an accident, not an act of rebellion!). We've been SO excited to find a little rental home that we've both been willing to see past almost anything during our search. This included landlords with pony tail beards, office-like dropped ceilings, and living an hour from our normal community. However, together we're keeping each other accountable to hold off for the best space so we don't cave out of desperation! 

I'm sure you've all been there before. It's emotionally exhausting to keep getting your hopes up and then crushed and then back up again etc. I'm ready to find somewhere already! 

So I recently decided to channel my excitement into planning our rooms via PowerPoint making design boards of each room! Not only is online shopping an activity that never disappointing (when you haven't bought anything), but this has been a great way to make "design boards" and create a vision for the style of each room. I would recommend this if you don't know how to use a design software and you aren't completely confident in choosing the right pieces to achieve the look and feel you want in your home. 

Here's how my rooms are looking so far!


Here's what I did:

1. Started my PowerPoint, making a page for each room

2. I worked room by room, scanning my favorite sites for things I loved, taking screen shots as I went along (Hold Command+Shift+4 on a Mac to choose exactly the shot you want). 

3. I then inserted the screen shot into my PowerPoint

4. Removed the background (in format picture, click remove background and adjust until you're happy with it).

5. Insert hyperlinks so you remember where you found things (double click and paste your hyperlink)

Let me know if you are a nerd like me and get super into projects like these while dreaming up new spaces! Or if you have some other method for creating design boards share your ideas in a comment below!